Adding Funds to Meal Accounts

To add funds to your student’s meal account please follow these steps:

Log into FeePay and select Meals by either selecting the "Meals" link in the black menu bar or clicking on the picture tile with the word "Meals" on it.

The default page for meals is the "Accounts" page. Using the three grey buttons in the upper middle portion of the you can navigate to Purchase History, Alerts, or from either of those pages back to the accounts page using these buttons.

Your Student’s name and current meal account balance are displayed prominently on the page. (Red arrows)



From this screen you will be view the 5 most recent daily meal purchases for each of your kiddos.

You will be able to review any additional food item purchases in addition to the standard "Lunch" or "Breakfast" meals as well as the cost of those items.

Any recent online payments to add funds to your student’s meal accounts will also be visible in this history.

The "Daily Purchase" graph will allow you to see any recent change in the trending of purchases.

To the right is the "Add Amount" green button used to add funds to your student’s account. (Blue arrow)

Upon clicking this button you will get a pop up with an editable dollar amount field where you can enter the amount of money you wish to add to this student’s account. 



 Then click the green "Add Amount" button in the pop up box. This will add the meal payment to your FeePay shopping cart.  



If you wish you can continue to add money to additional students accounts or proceed to checkout by selecting the "Checkout" button.

You can access the checkout anytime by again clicking on the green shopping cart button.



Enter your payment information. If you wish to store this payment information securely for future use please select the Yes button shown under the store for later use option indicated above by the red arrow.

When all payment information is entered select "Process Payment".

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